How To Submit Your Podcast To Stitcher

Submitting your podcast to major directories is the best way to expose it to millions.

Stitcher's podcasts have increased by more than 129,000% in the past decade. In 2019, nearly 7,000,000 episodes were uploaded to Stitcher.

Sound good? Let's go!

Five Easy Steps to Submit your Show to Stitcher

Step 1. Go to Stitcher for Podcast Creators and click on the button "Add Your Podcast To Stitcher".

Step 2. Next, click on " Join us Today" to open a pop-up where you can add your podcast's RSS feed.

A quick note about RSS feeds

Your RSS feed will be available on your "My Podcast", page if you host your show using

Click the "RSS feed" button below your show's title to copy it to your clipboard. You can then paste the URL into the RSS Feed URL box.

If you require an RSS feed for your podcast, click here.

Step 3. Stitcher will validate the RSS feed and request that you verify your email address. If everything looks fine, click "Next Step".

Step 4. Log in if you already have an account with Stitcher Partner. Complete the form fields, and then click "Sign up."

Step 5. Stitcher will email you an authorization email after you sign up. Click the "I Accept" button. Click the "Add This Show to Stitcher".

You're done - great job! To view stats and episode information for your show, you can log in to the Stitcher Partner Portal anytime.

Are You a Visual Learner?

For a detailed explanation on how to get your podcast onto Stitcher, watch the video below.