How to Submit Your Podcast to Pandora

In August 2019, Pandora allowed podcast creators to upload their shows via their self-service online hub Pandora For Podcasters.

Pandora, which has more than 64 millions monthly active users and averages 24 hours per listener per month, is an amazing way for podcasters find new fans for their shows.

Here are the steps to submit your podcast to Pandora.

1. Pandora for Podcasters

You can log in to your Pandora account and go directly to Pandora for Podcasters. You will need your Pandora account to log into and submit your podcast. You can register with Pandora if you don't already have one.

2. Log in to submit your show

After creating an account at Pandora For Podcasters and logging in, you will see a message saying "Welcome To Amp!" and you are ready to begin the submission process. Select the submission type you want, such as podcasts, and click "Start Submission".

3. Paste Your Podcast's RSS Feed URL

Paste the URL from your RSS feed into the URL box. Then, click "Next."

Click here to subscribe to a podcast RSS feed.

4. Please provide some information about your show

Pandora will need some information about your show in order to complete the submission process.

  • Which podcast's playback order was episodic or sequential?
  • If the show is evergreen or timely
  • Your show can be branded
  • If you don't have one, state that your show's brand sponsor is "not applicable".
  • These details can be found in the analytics dashboard. Learn more about analytics.
  • Total number of downloaded - You can also see your all-time downloads in your analytics dashboard.

A second question will ask you if Pandora would contact you regarding selling ads on your podcast. Then, share your podcast's social media channels and click "Next."

5. Podcast Owner Details - Terms & Conditions

Now, you will be asked to enter your email address and number. Complete this form and click "Submit".

Next, go through the terms and conditions and then click "Submit."

If there are no errors in the form submission, you will see a popup saying "Congratulations!" Pandora has received your podcast. Allow up to 4 weeks for the team's review of your submission.

To be taken to your podcast dashboard click "Ok". Your status should now read: "In Review."

Pandora: Live!

Pandora will send you an email once your show has been submitted successfully. This will let you know if it has been accepted for live broadcast.

If your show meets the review criteria and you have filled out the submission form correctly your podcast will be accepted. Your podcast will be available on Pandora.

Acceptance of the Tutorials took approximately three weeks. This is what it looks live on Pandora.

It's easy, right? Now your podcast is in another directory. This gives you the chance to be discovered by new listeners!