How To Submit A Podcast To TuneIn and Get Listed On Alexa

Podcasting is a great way to promote your show free of charge.

Your show will instantly be available to millions of listeners by being added to podcast directories such as TuneIn.

Here are the steps to submit your podcast on TuneIn to be listed on Alexa or Amazon.

Step 1. Sign up for a TuneIn account

Go to TuneIn and click "Sign up."

Step 2. 

Once you have created a free account, go to the " podcasters" section. Click "Publish a podcast."

Step 3. 

Next, enter your contact information. Submit your show's details, including the RSS feed for your podcast, and then click "Send email."

To get a RSS feed for your podcast click here.

Step 4. Wait for Approval

TuneIn can send you an email notification within a few days, or even two weeks, confirming that your podcast is now in their directory.

Three days after we submitted our request, we received our approval notice. Our show would go live in 24 hours.

When someone opens the TuneIn app via Alexa, they should now be able find "The tutorials show" on their Amazon device.

It worked. We tried it. When we asked Alexa to find the Tutorials show on TuneIn, it found our podcast.

Although it was a very specific request, it was still fun to see our show appear on our screen after we asked into our Amazon FireStick.