Your Brain On Climate
Negotiation, with Camilla Born

It's all very well demanding that everything happens NOW, but we're actually going to do - or not - about climate change is all about negotiation.  What happens inside those fusty negotiating halls?  How does one negotiate well and get what one wants, whether on climate or things more domestic? And does the climate have the time for us to negotiate our way out of a paper bag? Joining Dave this episode is Camilla Born MBE. Camilla's been at more top tables than you've had hot dinners, and has been there for the crunchy bits of some of the planet's most important negotiations - not least when advising COP26 President Alok Sharma.  Find out how Camilla gets her way, and what she thinks about protestors demanding the seemingly impossible. Follow Camilla on Twitter @camillaborn. We don't talk about it in the episode but Camilla and I recommend this moving piece by Pete Betts, a legendary negotiator, reflecting on everything he's learned. Owl noises: -- 08:08: Anchoring bias explained over at the Decision Lab. -- 10:16: I should probably give due kudos to the thing that I read, which is these top 10 negotiating tips by the Harvard Law School's negotiation programme. -- 16:56: it really does matter whether we phase coal 'down' or 'out', and Carbon Brief explains why. -- 19:52: Professor Lee's thoughts on tactical empathy and much else - including more Camilla - in this Inside Science episode on negotiation. Your Brain on Climate is a podcast about human psychology vs the climate crisis: what we think, why we think it, and how it all adds up to a planet-sized emergency.  Contact the show:  @brainclimate on Twitter, or [email protected]. Support the show on Patreon: The show is hosted by me, Dave Powell, who you can find @powellds on Twitter.  Original music by me, and I twiddle all the production knobs too. Show logo by Arthur Stovell at   

17 February 2023