The State Of It
The Russo-Ukrainian War

David and Winston  kickstart Season 3 by discussing the current Ukrainian War. David answers questions on the current military situation in Ukraine at the moment and what the military theatre will look like in the near future. David also forecasts the future of Europe and Russia based on the winning or losing of this conflict, painting two starkly different scenarios. Finally, David discusses the EU and the European response to the conflict.Find us on:Website                Official website of David Murrin - Global ForecasterTwitter                  @GlobalforecastrInstagram            davidmurrinforecasterYoutube                David Murrin - YouTubeIf you have any questions that you would like David to answer on the podcast, please email David through his website. This episode was recorded on the 28th of February at 7pm. If you like our content, please feel free to follow us and leave a review.Support the show