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30 Things Every New Tester Should Learn - 6 Years On

elcome to another episode of the Testing Peers podcast, this time we have a slightly different show for you.Regular host, Chris is joined by the wonderful Heather Reid, as we look back over the brilliant article Heather wrote back in 2017 - 30 Things Every New Software Tester Should Learn on the Ministry of Testing site.Before we look back at Heather's article, we talk about anything from our past online that we might find a little cringey.Then we review the article, written almost exactly six years ago, talking through all 30 tasks, and Heather provides some insight into each task, as well as where she would make changes, remove or replace any task.We cover a lot of interesting topics, and below are links to some of the things we discuss.QA In Your Job Titles? - Ministry of Testing (The Club)Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects - CourseraMaking Work Visible: Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Workflow by Dominica Degrandis (Book via Amazon)Ministry of Testing - Go Pro!Team Guide to Software Testability: Better software through greater testability by Ash Winter and Rob Meaney (Book via Amazon)Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve Your User Stories by Gojko Adzic and David Evans (Book via Amazon)Starting Your Software Testing Career by Nicola Lindgren (Book via Leanpub)How Can I Test This? by Nicola Lindgren, Mike Harris, Suman Bala, Philip Wong, and Shawn Shaligram (Book via Leanpub)Testing Web APIs by Mark Winteringham (Book via Amazon)Contemporary Exploratory Testing by Maaret Pyhäjärvi (Book via Leanpub)Would Heu-Risk it? Tools, traps and weapons for Software Testing by Lena Wiberg (Book via Leanpub)Understanding where quality starts as a tester - Vernon Richards (via LinkedIn)Software Testing Heuristics: Mind The Gap! by Richard Bradshaw and Sarah Deery (via Ministry of Testing)Workroom Productions - Get Better at Software TestingAccessibility Testing 101 - Crystal Preston-Watson (Talk from TestBash San Francisco 2019, via Ministry of Testing PRO)Introduction To Accessibility Testing - Deborah Reid (Course via Ministry of Testing)The Big Test Theory - Ady StokesSupport the show

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