Talk Paper Scissors
Untapped Typographic Potential with Oliver of Pimp My Type

Oliver of Pimp My Type is back and he’s here to talk untapped typographic potential! In this conversation, Oliver explains what ‘typographic colour’ means, tried and true techniques for emphasis, prioritizing optical distance in typesetting (using one’s gut and not just math!), as well as the role intentionality plays in the process. Oliver also demystifies the characteristics of display type that make it different from text type, the advantages of variable fonts for both digital and print design, as well as use cases for baseline grid. The conversation even strolls into Comic Sans and books featuring Disney Princesses. Above all else, prepare for lots of actionable strategies to harness type’s power!The design work on which this episode is centred can be found in the show notes at'm all about interesting projects with interesting people! Let's Connect on the web or via Instagram. :)