Talk Paper Scissors
Pushing the Limits of Magazine Printing with Rich Pauptit of Flash Reproductions

This is the fifth episode in a 6-part series. Here you’ll meet Rich Pauptit, President of Flash Reproductions, who brings beautiful ideas to life.Rich shares how passion-project-turned-experimental-magazine, Wayward Arts, got started, how it’s evolved and the issue that Rich considers his greatest achievement EVER (including the story behind it).You’ll hear about the “lost issue” of Wayward Arts, interesting tech Flash Reproductions has integrated into magazines, as well as the trajectory that the business has tooled up to support. Finally, you’ll hear Rich’s ideas about the future of the industry including his take on AI, as well as his open invitation to listeners to see Flash in the flesh.This episode is part of a guest lecture series in CGCM 720 Magazine Production & Publishing through The Chang School at TMU.I'm all about interesting projects with interesting people! Let's Connect on the web or via Instagram. :)