Talk Paper Scissors
Live From Podcamp 2023: Break All the Rules

Recorded at Podcamp 2023, here’s a talk about breaking all the rules in podcasting: “By day, Diana teaches students within The Creative School at TMU to know their audience and create compelling visual content. By night, Diana does the exact opposite: she creates podcast content for herself more than for her audience — with no set production schedule, no set show format, no set episode length, no less! — in a decidedly non-visual format. And it’s the best thing she’s ever done. Learn the way Diana uses podcasting as a creative outlet (that sometimes interweaves with her day job), allowing her to explore new topics, speak with interesting people and create a body of work that’s opened doors she didn’t know existed. Be inspired to create your own podcast that breaks all the rules and is uniquely you.”I'm all about interesting projects with interesting people! Let's Connect on the web or via Instagram. :)