Talk Paper Scissors
Heart-Centredness in the Classroom and Beyond with Dr. Robyn Bourgeois

In this final conversation of the series, academic, author, artist and activist, Dr. Robyn Bourgeois (Laughing Otter Caring Woman) shares what it means to be heart-centred, inside and outside of the university system. She provides examples and actionable takeaways for becoming and remaining heart-centred through difficult situations. Robyn discusses how and why she sets boundaries when helping students navigate difficult situations, as well as her experience calling upon both mental health training and Cree cultural practices to lift the heaviness of others’ stories. Robyn provides a great example of the way heart-centeredness changes outcomes in challenging situations and how we all need community to survive and thrive. This is the third and final episode in a 3-part series, co-hosted by Diana’s friend and colleague, Nat Lumby.I'm all about interesting projects with interesting people! Let's Connect on the web or via Instagram. :)