Talk Paper Scissors
Brand New: Meg!

It’s Meg! Meg Lewis is a designer, illustrator, artist and all-around creative. In this conversation, Meg and Diana get delightfully weird!The duo discuss Meg’s approach to their work centred around making the world a happier place, Meg’s ‘no process’ process and their definition of success. You’ll hear about the dreamiest client project Meg’s ever worked on (it’s a good one!), including Meg’s wildest idea that they can’t get out of their head.You’ll also hear about Meg’s approach to finding their style, including why they’re not upset by copycat work. Diana invites Meg to play an improv game with her about the embodiment of fonts and it’s embarrassingly magical (you can practically hear the hives forming on Diana’s neck). Finally, you’ll learn about Meg’s awesome advice to their younger self, what happened when Meg decided to dance and you can’t forget the clowns and the mimes and circus stuff. It’s a fun one!This episode is part of a guest lecture series in Design as Communication, Bachelor of Brand Design Program, George Brown College School of Design. I'm all about interesting projects with interesting people! Let's Connect on the web or via Instagram. :)