Talk Paper Scissors
Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. and The Pile of Bricks

This is the fourth of 6 episodes where you’ll hear from movers and shakers in the printing, typography and design spaces who make space for others through their creation of national and global communities. In this episode, we have living print legend, Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.! Amos Paul Kennedy Jr. is an American printer, book artist and papermaker who has been puttin’ ink on paper since 1949. You’ll hear how Amos describes himself and his work, his entry point into printing and his counter-cultural (wise!) advice of setting low-expectations. You’ll also hear Amos’ experimental approach to making multiples, the way in which his signature printing process was born, and how systemic injustices can negatively impact creative living and making. Finally, you’ll hear about Amos’ labour-of-love community printing space in Detroit, Michigan: The Pile of Bricks.I'm all about interesting projects with interesting people! Let's Connect on the web or via Instagram. :)