Talk Paper Scissors
145: Brand New: Identity Design for Medieval Torture Devices

This is the final episode in the Brand New series where you’ll hear from Richard Nalli-Petta of Parcel in Toronto chat about his work for the agency, including one very special project he’s been a part of recently. You’ll hear how Parcel defines branding, the ways collaboration happens on large projects and the challenges of handing finished work to a client, who can then shape or change the design in any way they see fit. Finally you’ll hear why Richard believes design jobs are safe from being totally taken over by AI.Finally, I encourage you to check out the images shared by Richard during the recording, which are available in the show notes at This episode is part of a guest lecture series in Design as Communication, Bachelor of Brand Design Program, George Brown College School of Design. Do you have an idea? Want to share a story? Collaborate on an interesting project? Let's Connect on the web or via Instagram. :)