Reginald's Book Club
Reginald’s Book Club #4: Nine Princes in Amber ft. George R.R. Martin

Reginald is gonna be mad he missed this one! While our namesake plays hooky, Dom is joined by author and railroad owner George R.R. Martin! He's here to discuss Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelazny, and spin some fun tales from his storied career!This podcast, like Dom’s videos, sometimes touches on the foul language, violence, assaults, and murders in the books we read. Treat it like a TV-14 show.For the full episode with video, and bonus content, check out Dom’s Patreon:Patreon: to find George: @GRRMspeakingWhere to find Dom:YouTube: channel: @Dominic_Noble Instagram: @dominic_nobleMerch: information about sponsoring a video, convention appearances and similar business inquiries please contact my representation at [email protected]:Sophia Music:“European Waltz” performed by Il NeigeYouTube: