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Perfect 10 with Carol Vorderman

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10 questions. 10 points. 10 minutes. Hello, I’m Carol Vorderman and welcome to Perfect 10, the daily quiz that’s guaranteed to educate, entertain…and irritate! Each day I’ll have ten questions that’ll really get your synapses firing and maybe get you groaning when I reveal the answers. Make sure you subscribe, follow and ‘like’ to get our first episode as soon as it drops on Monday January 9th, available through Acast on all major Podcast Channels and our Perfect 10 YouTube Channel. You can then listen or watch every Monday to Friday as well enjoying our 50-minute compilation episode every Sunday which features all 5 weekday episodes. So, why not join us on your commute, coffee break or any spare time, I promise after just 10 minutes you’re going to feel sharper and smarter There are 10 points available each day, that’s 50 in a week and our questions are as follows… QUESTION 1Is what we call our STARTER FOR A PERFECT 10, hopefully one to get you a point on the board straight away. QUESTION 2You’ll hear sounds that relate to a well-known phrase, item or maybe an individual, in this our HEARSAY round. All you have to do is tell us what it is. For example, if you hear the sound of a Captain speaking from the flight deck and then a Pig grunting, you’d get the answer ‘Pigs Might Fly’. QUESTION 3is CAROLATERAL THINKING, so pop your brain into the lateral position and think away! QUESTION 4is our MEMORY GAME. We play a clip designed to overload you with information, all you have to do is retain as much as possible and answer the question that follows. QUESTIONS 5, 6 & 7are all about the three F’s: FRIVOLOUS, FAMILIAR & FUN. They’re a mix of observation, common knowledge and everyday teasers. QUESTION 8is called ONE IN, ONE OUT, where I give you a word and ask you to either change or remove a letter/s to create a new one. QUESTION 9is one of those tips of the tongue teasers that’ll have you saying, I KNOW I KNOW THIS! QUESTION 10is our final question, giving you time to pause and think about our brain melting RIDDLE. We hope you enjoy our Perfect 10! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.