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Lyle Menendez

This week on Onward, Rosie has a fascinating conversation with Lyle Menendez. Many of a certain age will remember the sensational trials of Lyle and his brother Eric, found guilty of the murder of their parents. So sensational within the American zeigeist; this case has been made into movies and tv shows, it has also been studied in law school as well as a mainstay of cultural conversation.Recently, new information and evidence has been revealed in a documentary that now gives room for the brothers' to file a Habeas; which could mean freedom, after serving 34 years in prison.  Join us as Rosie and Lyle talk about the past, the possible future of what this new evidence could mean; and, how one has to find it within themself to remain hopeful, but truthful, even in the worst of circumstances.After listening, please send voice memos of your thoughts, observations and questions on this episode to: [email protected] Warning: Rape, Sexual and Emotional Child Abuse, and Incest is discussed in this episode.Please Note: This discussion is not graphic in nature, but, this is a truthful account of events.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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