Onward with Rosie O'...
Dr. Daniel Rosen

This week, Rosie chats with bariatric surgeon, Dr. Daniel Rosen. Rosie was recently prescribed Mounjaro to control her diabetes. (Mounjaro is approved strictly to treat Type 2 diabetes and it has not yet been F.D.A approved as a weight loss drug.) Since being on it, Rosie has experienced slow and steady weight loss and, even more surprising, she's been able to say goodbye to the non-stop food chatter she's had to deal with for years. In her opinion, Rosie's been given a miracle drug and she wanted more info about it to be able to share whatever trusted information she could find with others. Dr. Rosen, as a medical specialist in both weight management and specifically Mounjaro, is on TikTok relaying reliable and relatable information to help answer questions and to remove stigma surrounding obesity and its treatments. So Rosie reached out to him. Listen in as they discuss these new drugs, costs, the diet industry, and living a healthy positive shame-free lifestyle.Share a voice memo with your questions for Rosie to OnwardRosi[email protected] omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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