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Why is Responsible AI Important with Toju Duke

The start of a series of Responsible AI chats with Toju Duke! Toju is a popular keynote speaker, author, and thought leader on Responsible AI. She is a Programme Manager at Google where she leads various Responsible AI programmes across Google’s product and research teams with a primary focus on large-scale models. She is also the founder of Diverse AI, a community interest organisation with a mission to support and champion underrepresented groups to build a diverse and inclusive AI future. She provides consultation and advice on Responsible AI practices.Toju’s book “Building Responsible AI Algorithms” is available for preorder.In this episode we focus on why Responsible AI is important to Toju, her work at Google as a Responsible AI Programme Manager and her new venture Diverse AI. To learn more about Toju: www.tojuduke.comTo learn more about Diverse AI: www.diverse-ai.org