Let's Chat Ethics
The Wall of ChatGPT: Tackling Risks & Safety.. with Victoria Vassileva

This week we were joined by Victoria Vassileva who is the Sales Director at Arthur. In this episode we get into Victoria's experience on working with organisations across sectors to combat ethical challenges and risks and more specifically how at Arthur they are solving this with regards to large language models (LLMS). We also approach the topic of the media hype surrounding AI being sentient and why this takes attention away from the real risks and ethical issues that are happening today. Victoria's bio & contact info:LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/vvassileva/Twitter - https://twitter.com/hellovictoriav?lang=en-GBVictoria Vassileva (she/her) is the Sales Director at Arthur. She has spent over a dozen years in and around data, starting as an analyst programming in SAS before transitioning to the GTM side. She now works to help complex organizations bring operational maturity and Responsible and Trustworthy practices to AI/ML initiatives across industries. At Arthur, Victoria focuses primarily on partnering with F100 enterprises to bring comprehensive performance management and proactive risk reduction and mitigation across their entire AI production stack. She is deeply motivated by the opportunity to shift industry practices to a "front-end ethics" approach to place equity and fairness considerations at the forefront of machine learning and automation projects. She holds degrees in Mathematics and French from the University of Texas at Austin.