Let's Chat Ethics
Exploring AI Governance with Lofred Madzou

Happy New Year! We back in 2024 and what a year 2023 was for tech.. In this episode, we delve into the fascinating and increasingly crucial realm of AI governance. As AI continues to evolve, questions of ethics, accountability, and regulation become paramount. Join us as we explore the challenges and opportunities surrounding AI governance, featuring this weeks special expert guest Lofred Madzou. From the ethical considerations of autonomous systems to the role of policymakers in shaping AI policies, we look at the complex landscape of governing AI. Lofred is the Director of Strategy at Truera – an AI Quality platform to explain, test, debug and monitor machine learning models, leading to higher quality and trustworthiness. Outside his day job, he is a Research Associate at the Oxford Internet Institute (University of Oxford) where he mostly focuses on the governance of AI systems through audit processes. Before Joining Truera, he was an AI Lead at the World Economic Forum where he supported global companies, across industries and jurisdictions, in their implementation of responsible AI processes as well as advised various EU and Asia-Pacific governments on AI regulation. Previously, he was a policy officer at the French Digital Council, where he advised the French Government on AI policy. Most notably, he co-drafted the French AI Strategy.