Humbled Traders
Trading Lessons from the MOST EXPERIENCED Trader I've Met

In this riveting episode, I sit down with Marcin, aka Chinner, a CPA, and trading veteran with almost 30 years of trading experience. Chinner started as a computer science major in the 90s, was at the forefront of the dot-com boom and bust, and now runs his own accounting firm. Chinner shares his go-to trading strategies for stocks, options, forex, strategic tax strategies, AI and trading, and how he balances trading and raising three kids. Whether you're new to trading or a seasoned pro, this episode promises invaluable insights!💸 Chinner’s Socials:Instagram: @marcindeleckicpaDay Trading with me:📉 Centerpoint Securities ($30K min) - $0 Commissions for 60 days-Get 1 free month of Das Trader Pro ($150 in free value)