Humbled Traders
The Untold Story of The Einstein of Wall Street

Peter Tuchman, as known as the Einstein of Wall Street, always appears as the charismatic, humorous, and inspirational trader on social media. However, we often forget that this man is just like everyone else, a father, a husband, and a son. It is truly my honor to have Peter here on the Humbled Traders podcast today to share the story of his life. You will learn about:- Peter Tuchman's family background and career development- How Peter got into trading- How Peter became a NYSE broker and the Einstein of Wall Street- The impact of media coverage on Peter's life- A day in the life of Peter Tuchman----------Day Trading with me: my free trading journal: me for more trading advice and strategies! YT: ⁠⁠IG: ⁠⁠TikTok: ⁠⁠Twitter: ⁠⁠FB: ⁠