Humbled Traders
Millionaire Trader, Tim Sykes, shares Trading Strategies that Made Him Millions in Penny Stocks

Remember my lamborghini parody? Here’s the truth: I started trading because I saw an ad that had some guy standing next to his Lambo, telling me how much money I could make from trading penny stocks.This is Tim Sykes, aka the granddaddy of all penny stocks and small-cap traders, and the man who made me discover trading. As the pioneer of online trading education, Tim has gained huge popularity and mainstream media coverage over the past 20 years. Along with his success in trading and entrepreneurship come highly polarized opinions about him. Some people see him as a douchebag, while some people see him as a man who committed his life to charities, promoting education in third-world nations and environmental causes.Join me today for a surprising podcast with Tim Sykes. Make sure to hit the like button and share this video with your trading partners.Check out Karmagawa Foundation (Tim Sykes' charity community): Minutes to Save The World: Trading with Humbled Trader: up for Free stock watchlist:📈 Follow my Investment Portfolio on Blossom-✅My REAL Social Accounts:IG: