Humbled Traders
Mentor of Millionaires shares Secrets to Success in Trading | SMB Capital

What if I told you that day trading can be a real job, you get paid to learn how to trade, you get to be trained by senior traders on Wall Street, and your boss gives you capital to trade? Well, I’m not joking. I’m going to visit a very well-known proprietary trading firm in New York City, SMB Capital.In this Humbled Traders podcast, we are learning from Mike Bellafiore, the co-founder of SMB Capital, and Jeff Holden, the head of trader development at the firm.- SMB Capital - What is proprietary trading? - Mike Bellafiore - Founding SMB Capital- Jeff Holden - Becoming the head of trader development- Prop firm training & development process- Retail Trading vs. Prop Firm Trading - Advantages of Prop Trading- How much funds do prop traders get to trade with?- Prop firm traders' salaries and internal competition- Relationships between Trading Mentor and Trading Teams- How senior traders help junior traders at SMB Capital- Internships - How to join SMB Capital--------------Day Trading with Humbled Trader: up for Free stock watchlist:✅My REAL Social Accounts:IG: