Gig Pigs
S2 EP5: Amatis Trio with Kieran Hodgson

A quart(sthoff)-century of eps into the pod and it’s been sorely lacking in two things: classical music and the First World War. What a delight to have rectified both omissions in Edinburgh in August, watching a history-infused Amatis Trio at the Queen’s Hall with the crown prince of the Fringe (other sweeping statements available on request) Kieran Hodgson. Grab yourself a Swedish bun and relax as the man of a thousand voices vets our pronunciations, lampoons our noisy neighbours, launches into thrilling bursts of Sprechgesang, and asks: how many encores is too many encores?Download extra swill, rate and leave review, just add it to the list of things that you are gonna do.The Extra Swill playlist: and recommendations in the usual places - [email protected] us!@ivo_graham@alexkealyA 'Keep It Light Media' Production Sales, advertising, and general enquiries: [email protected] more about your ad choices. Visit