Gig Pigs
S1 E2: Kendrick Lamar with Phil Wang

Hello new world, all the boys and girls, we got some true stories to tell. Stories of a trip to watch the most important rapper of his generation, with diversions to Malaysia, Glastonbury, Nando’s, and the myriad outer planets of the regretosphere.We were extremely lucky to have Phil “Roger’s cousin” Wang invite us to watch Kendrick Lamar in November 2022 and then agree to chat about it a few weeks later: without further ado, and ideally without any of the Continuity Croaks of episode one, here it is.Listen, share, review, subscribe! Follow us on socials! (@gigpigspodcast, @wangpix).Correspondence to:[email protected] us!@ivo_graham@alexkealyListen to our Spotify sister playlist "Extra Swill"! Tell us who you loyal to! 'Keep It Light Media' Production Sales, advertising, and general enquiries: [email protected] more about your ad choices. Visit