Gig Pigs
S1 E1: Franz Ferdinand with Rose Matafeo and Emma Sidi

S1 E1: Franz Ferdinand with Rose Matafeo and Emma SidiTrack one, side one of the podcast, and the Gig Pigs have gone big, in what is already being referred to in some circles as the Jacqueline of opening episodes. Not one guest but two, with a real-life (not to mention on-screen!) best friendship to match that of our hosts (and all the sweeter for not having been forged in the corridors of boarding school), and on top of all of that, guests with a Personal Link to the band in question? This pod is out of control! Rose, Emma, Alex and Ivo watched Franz Ferdinand at the Alexandra Palace in October 2022, and five months on, here’s the report. You couldn’t have it very much better than this.Correspond with [email protected] to the music discussed and on our sister playlist “Extra Swill”! us!@ivo_graham@alexkealy@gigpigspodcast@rosematafeo@emmafrancescasidiA 'Keep It Light Media' Production Sales, advertising, and general enquiries: [email protected] more about your ad choices. Visit