Gig Pigs
Pig Tales: Foxes & Hedgehogs

How many Beatles songs is Paul McCartney obliged to play at Glastonbury? How many Beta Band songs is Steve Mason obliged to play at Green Man? And how many Gig Pigs songs will Foxes and Hedgehogs be obliged to play at the Amersham Arms? Both of them, we hope, as Alex and Ivo talk to Dan and Jack of F&H, soundtrackers to the pod, ahead of February 16th’s collision of worlds in south east London. Tuck into this hallmark pre-gig pig, also featuring Kombu Nori and Jeez Lluis, and join us on Friday night! We’ll share only a few hours but you’ll remember every minute!Download extra swill, rate and leave review, just add it to the list of things that you are gonna do.The Extra Swill playlist: and recommendations in the usual places - [email protected] us!@ivo_graham@alexkealyA 'Keep It Light Media' Production Sales, advertising, and general enquiries: [email protected] more about your ad choices. Visit