Digging Up the Duggars
Episode 77 - It Should Be Called Cheese-etti

Join us as we watch the Duggirls get a break with a little trip home. But in order to get a break from child raising and taking care of a historic house, they must sacrifice their gut health with a cheese filled dinner at the Pest nest. In our Dig, we focus on Billy G (not my lover). We look at his childhood, and how the word “spectacular,” and being called out by a superintendent AND a woman might explain a few things down the line. We’re digging on ice cream and memories from our youth that mean soooooooo much to us, and maybe not a lot to others. I think I posted a TED talk about the same thing a little while back. Like what you hear? Would you like to support us? Dig on over to https://www.buymeacoffee.com/diggingupthedug  Enjoy our episode visuals and maybe some Mildred content on insta @digginguptheduggarspod  Want to send us regular mail?  Send it on over to P.O. Box 5973 Glendale. Az 85312