Boujee Blondes
"We may freeze our eggs" #38

Hey welcome to the Boujee Blondes Podcast Ever felt the holiday season's pressure to find the 'perfect' gift? Is the constant reminder of ticking biological clocks driving you up the wall? Join the gals, your Boujee Blondes, as we navigate through these and more in our latest podcast episode. They candidly share our experiences around the changes in our bodies as we age, the societal pressures surrounding motherhood, and the potential solution egg freezing presents. In the spirit of the season, we also weigh in on the romantic vs cliché debate about holiday engagements. Stepping into the second half of our episode, we discuss an issue that has vexed many - the financial stress of gifting within affluent circles. A listener shares her predicament regarding buying high-end gifts for her wealthy boyfriend's family. They chip in with our experiences, stressing that it's the love and respect you demonstrate all year round that truly counts. Moving on, the girls explore the impact of social media on young women, discussing beauty standards, body image, and even the 'lemon bottle' procedure. Here's a spoiler - we firmly believe in embracing our unique imperfections!As they wrap up, they probe deeper into the world of social media, its deceptive portrayal of 'perfect lives,' and the pressure it puts on us. Sharing their personal struggles, they discuss how they strive for a balance between the virtual and real world. On a lighter note, the girls also take a fun detour to explore some outlandish conspiracy theories sparked by the fact that Australia is wider than the moon! As they bid goodbye, they remind you to align with freedom, growth, and joy! So, are you ready to get Boujee with us?