Boujee Blondes
Struggles been a girl #43

Ever caught yourself compulsively cleaning your home before a trip, just like your dear mum used to insist? That's us – Melissa and Simone – chuckling over the quirks we've picked up from our folks, as we explore the bittersweet journey into adulthood. From the peculiar obsession with weather to the eye-opening experiences of Dry January, we're unpacking the emotional rollercoaster that comes with the territory. Whether you're wrestling with the gloom of an overcast day or the peer pressure of a pint-filled pub, join us for a heart-to-heart on how these cultural norms shape our lives and perhaps, how we're subtly shifting them.Have you ever faced the mirror, frustrated as your hair defies the laws of physics, or found yourself stuck in the endless loop of scrolling through your phone instead of tackling your to-do list? Oh, we feel you! This episode isn't just about the gripes of hair maintenance or the modern-day struggle with digital distractions; it's a candid discussion about the realities of being a woman today. We're diving into the nitty-gritty, from the challenge of finding that elusive perfect pair of jeans to the daily decisions that leave us second-guessing at the dinner table. And trust us, we're keeping everything relatable and light-hearted, even when the topics seem like they've come straight out of a personal diary.Now, let's talk about the sensitive stuff. In a switch of gears, we tackle a listener's heartbreaking dilemma about infidelity and the hard path to mending trust, dispensing advice with a dose of compassion and realism. Then, we lighten the mood with the Big Hat of Mystery game, debating the merits of material wealth versus emotional fulfillment in relationships. If you've ever questioned the authenticity of a selfie or felt baffled by how different you look in pictures someone else snaps, we're right there with you, dissecting our insecurities and the pursuit of genuine connections. So, are you ready for a mix of laughter, honesty, and that sprinkle of Irish charm? We've got it all in this episode – no clichés, just real talk with your pals.