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based on factswe love news but we are sick and tired of fox news trolling us with lies and then CNN hides the good news until 11pm so most younger audience and even older audience miss out on the critical news. we are news addicts and if you want to understand the news like a pro you better be watching the news that are based on facts so you could call us expert troll and fake news identifiers given our history browsing the internet and studying the news on regular basis. so if you want to know what CNN is sayin without it being a hassle we can provide the news along with our fact checks regarding politics science society feminism punk rock you name it and we have incorporated the news in to our show with just complete facts with live fact checking taking place every moment we can usually if we encounter something that looks a little fishy. with all that said, we present to you, based news network based on facts.Let the show begin.Imagine you are watching CNN, but now you don’t have to stay up until 10pm or even later to get to the good stuff that they hide for the news professionals who frankly are sacrificing valuable sleep and time with their loved ones in order to stay up late enough to watch the news as it is meant to be watched. LET THE SHOW BEGIN!Punk Revolution Now! and joan.of.arca are your hosts. find us on instagram and such.

27 September 2023
7 September 2023