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Baby Baking & Kid Raising

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So, you’ve decided it’s time for a baby - or maybe you’re an expert in the baby-making department already, either way - this podcast is for you! Baby Baking and Kid Raising is brought to you by two Australian health professionals - midwife and founder of Bumpnbub Aliza Carr and obstetrician, fertility specialist and gynecologist Dr. Joseph Sgroi. Being parents ourselves - we get it. The struggles, the triumphs, the overwhelm and the joy - we are right there with you. As passionate educators in our field, we can’t wait to deep dive into the latest research and evidence while discussing stories that we hope will inspire. Join us weekly as we sit down to discuss fertility, pregnancy, birth stories and the journey into parenthood - where life gets real, real fast. Grab a coffee (or something stronger) and hear inspiring stories from guests, as well as in-depth conversations about topics that matter. If Baby Baking and Kid Raising is your jam, then please listen, learn and let us know what you think.