There are literally hundreds of TV and film podcasts available these days. Some of them are fun, light-hearted discussions about pop culture, while others are more serious accounts of how movies got made. And, if you have a passion for film and TV, you might even consider giving one of these podcasts a try. There are hundreds of different TV and film podcasts available these days. Some are light-hearted, and others take a serious look at the history of film and media. There's even a podcast that's dedicated to cinematographers! Script notes have been on the air for more than 500 episodes, and the topics vary from copyright law to the opening scenes of films. Whether you're a reality-TV lover or a movie buff, a TV and film podcast is a great way to get an in-depth analysis of your favorite shows. The two hosts of this podcast are experts in their fields. If you're a fan of classic movies, you can also tune in to this podcast to learn more about how classic movies influenced modern films. The first half of the podcast features classic films, with the second half focusing on modern films. The hosts discuss the merits of these films and their modern successors.