Religion Podcasts have many benefits, one of which is that they allow people to learn about various religious traditions without having to stop what they're doing. Listening to religion podcasts is an excellent way to gain a deeper understanding of different cultures and religions. These podcasts give listeners an insider's view of how these beliefs affect the people around them. Podcasts featuring religious scholars and experts are also very helpful. You can listen to weekly audio interviews of these scholars and find articles of interest. You can even listen to podcasts addressing Mormonism, and many more. Regardless of what you believe, there is likely a podcast to fit your needs and interests. The shows are produced by volunteers and supported by donations. They aim to educate a diverse audience about world religions and the modern practices of these faiths. The What is Religion Podcast is available and can be subscribed to by email. Listen to the podcast to stay informed of the latest developments in the field of religion. You can even find show notes of the show and learn more about it.