If you love business news, you might be interested in listening to a news podcast. Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from; News podcast varies widely, from lengthy chats with news experts to short, bite-sized news bulletins that are available for smart speakers. News podcasts are a fast-growing industry, and their success depends on how well they satisfy the needs of their target audiences. To remain successful, producers must focus on the changing listening habits of their audience and adapt to changing media and technology trends. If you want to hear more about business and finance, you can check out What's News. These daily podcasts are packed with insider scoops and analyses from Wall Street Journal reporters. In fact, news podcasts now make up a significant chunk of podcast consumption and generate 30% of the top episodes. A news podcast can take many forms, but most are essentially audio versions of radio news. While the format is relatively new, some major broadcasters have made huge investments in serialized podcasts, with the BBC and Norway NRK investing heavily in the format.