Government Podcasts can be a valuable source of information. These programs explore current events and political hot topics. Guests for these programs include professors and community members. They also include interviews with government leaders. The topics range from national security and cyber issues to domestic policy and government management. The World Bank Group podcast is an excellent source of global insights about international development and policy. With interviews from World Bank staff, you will get to know what's shaping public policy around the world. You'll gain a deeper understanding of global problems like climate change, education, and nutrition. You'll also learn about some of the ideas that are changing public policy around the world. The Global Government Forum has collected a list of some of the most interesting and informative podcasts for government employees. You can find these podcasts on your favorite audio platform. They also provide insight into how different types of governments work. Whether you're interested in politics or public policy, you'll be able to find a podcast that suits you.