Education Podcasts are an important part of a child's and adult's development. It helps children learn about culture and society. It also helps them make decisions in their daily lives. A good education can lift society out of poverty. Children who learn to read and write can make better choices in their daily lives and work. Education also prepares children for adulthood, when they will face many important decisions. There are two major types of education podcasts: formal education podcasts and non-formal education podcasts. Education has many meanings, from the way a person is trained to become a doctor or chemist to language learning. But the word can also refer to specific knowledge acquired through teaching. For instance, doctors receive their education in medicine, chemists receive their education in chemistry, bankers receive their education in finance and economics, and language learners acquire knowledge in languages.A descriptive definition of education, on the other hand, proposes to define the term by using various words to explain what it means. A descriptive definition focuses on the words that are most commonly used in describing education.